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14 Members of the 2014 team honored at County Awards Dinner.

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Welcome to the home of the Long Island Adrenaline, a division of Galslax Elite Lacrosse. We are an elite girls travel lacrosse program from Long Island, New York.


Our Mission

To provide a quality club experience for all of our girls, allowing them to compete at a high level of play without the conflicts and burden of high costs. To create and promote a team experience while elevating the individual's level of play.

Team Profile

The Long Island Adrenaline had it's inaugural season in 2013 which proved to be very successful. All outings went extremely well and we attracted the attention of college coaches from all over the country. The following is an example of the attention we received; "I was really very impressed with your teamís athleticism, game sense, and overall level of play!!"

We are now bringing this successful philosophy to all levels. For the 2014 season we are fielding teams in all age groups from 2015 to 2021.

Why we are different -  while we look to engage the very best players in the game, our main goal is to meld all players into a successful team. Teams win games, not individuals, and this is what college coaches are looking for. One of the main reasons we attracted so much attention is that the observing coaches saw the unselfish play that was produced by the synergy. All girls on the team were rotated identically; when it was time it was time and those up next went in. This formula produced a balance where we were never at a disadvantage; the team was a sum of it's parts, not the results of individuals. Coaches are looking for coachable players with a sense of team, if they can recruit payers like this it saves them the difficulty of trying to produce these results. Most of our 2014 team have been made offers because of this.

If you are looking to play, this is your program!

We play with intensity and we play as a team.

Our name says it all -

We work hard to provide our girls the best experience possible; they will participate in 5 competitive, quality tournaments. They also receive: game uniforms, both home and away, for tournament play and a two-sided practice jersey for scrimmages and other events, and of course - practice. We pursue events all year round for those that choose to participate; things such as off-season tournaments and leagues and indoor leagues. We are very fortunate to have a very competent staff of college and school coaches, college players and others to provide all of the necessary support; including coaching, recruiting, legal and financial services. We do not rely on player's parents for anything more than support and fantastic tailgates.


Contact Information

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Suffolk County, New York
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